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Specializing Exclusively In Firearms & Military Assets

Winter Firearms Auction

Saturday, December 10 at 10:00 am

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Office Hours:

Monday - Saturday



The Procedure For Purchasing

A Gun On This Auction

Is The Same As Buying At A Gun Store.





If You Are A Dealer
Or Picking Up For A Dealer
The Following Information
Does Not Apply To You

Dealers/ Agents Can Pay & Pick Up Anytime Monday - Saturday 9am-6pm




1- If you have not filled out Gun Transfer Paperwork before the auction and you purchase a gun - Please DO NOT stop in until Tuesday, or after. There is a full 3 day holding period, no guns can be handed out until Tuesday or after anyway.


2- Once you stop in, Tuesday or after, we will have you fill out a 4473 Transfer Form and we will then run your background check. If your background check comes back "Approved" you will be able to take your gun(s) with you that day. If your background check comes back "Pending", you will have to come back and pick up once your background is "Approved". It is not uncommon for Illinois/ ATF background checks to be "Pending" for a few days. You are welcome to stop in on Monday, but even if your background check is "Approved", you wouldn't be able to pick up until Tuesday, or after.


3- If you will be stopping in Tuesday, or after, please email us sometime between Saturday-Monday, just to let us know that you are a local buyer and will be in to pay and pick up. This way we will know NOT to charge your credit card on file for your purchases.


Local Out-Of-State Buyers

All Handguns Must Be Transferred In The State Of The Buyer.

For Local Out-Of-State Buyers, We Will Take Your Handguns To

West Quincy, MO or Keokuk, IA

Free Of Charge.

Long Gun paperwork can be done in any state,

no matter where you live.



If You Are A Dealer

Or Will Be Picking Up For A Dealer,

No Paperwork Is Needed.

You Will Need To Bring A Copy

Of A Dealers License With You.


There is a $15 Per Gun Paperwork Fee.

This still applies if the buyer is an dealer.




Guns Can Also Be Shipped

If You Would Prefer To Have Your Guns Shipped

To A dealer Closer To You, It Is No Problem.

Please Have Your Dealer Email Us A Copy Of Their FFL,

We Will Then Ship The Guns To The Address On The FFL.

You Will Then Take Care Of All The Paperwork Through Them.

There Are Shipping Fees For This Option (See Terms & Conditions Below)










1- Each successful buyer will receive a invoice, from ProxiBid, within 24 hours after the conclusion of the auction. This will be THE ONLY INVOICE each buyer will receive and will include shipping and/ or paperwork fees, if applicable...

We manually edit each buyers invoice after each auction. This way there is only one invoice to review and no confusion on a Final Invoice Price. If you have not received a invoice by Monday, December 12th, please email us at auction@willsullivanauction.com 

DO NOT REPLY TO THE "INVOICE EMAIL". Our email address is auction@willsullivanauction.com...

Please Note - Invoices sometimes go to Spam, so please check this before emailing us that you have not received an invoice. Invoices can also be viewed by logging into your ProxiBid account and clicking on "My ProxiBid"....  

2- We will charge credit cards on Monday, December 12th at 5:00 pm CST. If you DO NOT want your credit card on file with ProxiBid charged, YOU MUST EMAIL US BEFORE MONDAY, DECEMBER 12th AT 5:00pm CST.... If your credit card can no be processed (daily withdrawl limit/ insufficient funds/ no card on file) we will file a dispute with ProxiBid Claims and a $100 Penalty Fee will be added to the invoice each business day until the invoice has been paid in full. 

3- IF SENDING CHECK/ MONEY ORDER IT MUST ARRIVE BEFORE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16th!!! DO NOT COUNT ON STANDARD USPS! PAYMENT MUST EXPEDITED  - WITH A TRACKING NUMBER! If we have not received payment by Friday, December 16th, we will file a dispute with ProxiBid Claims and a $100 Penalty Fee will be added to the invoice each business day until the invoice has been paid in full. 

3- Mailing Address - WILL SULLIVAN AUCTION CO., PO BOX 68, CARTHAGE, IL 62321. or email address is auction@willsullivanauction.com    

4- Each gun being shipped must be sent to a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer (FFL) or Curio & Relics (C&R - 50 years or older), this includes Antiques & Black Powders. Please Note - Illinois Gun Laws require a transfer on all firearms, regardless of age or caliber. (This is not an ATF Law.).....  

5- It is the buyers responsibility to email us, or have their dealer email us, a FFL copy for shipping (sporting goods store/ pawn shop/ individual dealer). FFL's can be emailed to auction@willsullivanauction.com. The buyers name must be somewhere on the email (Please do not simply include lot numbers or invoice number).....  

6- Shipping Costs are based on a simple flat rate - $60 for the first gun and $10 for each additional gun, regardless if it is a long gun or handgun. Items other than firearms or "special shipping" will be listed at the end of the items description.  

7- There is a $15 Paperwork Fee for each gun purchased. This includes guns being shipped and also includes Dealer-To-Dealer Transfers.....  

We Represent Each Item To The Very Best Of Our Knowledge & Offer Many Good Photos So That Each Potential Buyer Knows Exactly What They Are Bidding On. 
Each Firearm Is Presumed To Be In Good Working Order, Unless Otherwise Described. But, There Is Absolutely NO RETURNS. 
It Is Each Bidders Responsibility To Draw Their Own Conclusion On Age, Condition & Authenticity. Once Again - Take Advantage Of All Of The Good Photos, Which Should Represent Each Items Good & Bad Features.....  

Photos: We use very high exposure purposely in an attempt to get high quality detail out of the lettering and scratches on each gun. This is certainty a double edged sword, as it will lighten up the color to a high degree, taking away from any nice/ dark bluing. We try to compensate this by also taking another picture, at a different angle with less exposure, in an attempt to show the natural colors. 
Please note, it is very common for scuffs & scratches seen in the photos, not to be noticeable in regular light. 
Also note, our bright lights will commonly reflect on the metal and other shiny surfaces, causing the illusion of a scuff or flaw.

We have found that when a buyer receives a gun, it is usually in better condition than they anticipated, based on the photos. This also eliminates many problems/ unsatisfied customers after the auction.... At the end of the day our goal is to show flaws and lettering in as much detail as possible.

Our standard office hours are 9am-5pm CST, Monday-Friday (Special Hours The Week After Each Auction).....  

To contact us please email auction@willsullivanauction.com.....  

Please do not call, unless it is an emergency.....  


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