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As a third-generation auctioneer, I have spent my entire life learning my profession from the ground up. I have perfected my trade not only from knowledge gained in my family business but also from working with several of the most renowned auctioneers in the nation.

The auction business has changed dramatically over the years. To continue to be successful, I've learned you must think creatively in all areas, have a passion for what you are doing and have a keen eye for trends and changes in your industry. I pride myself in utilizing all of these fundamental rules and also for bringing honesty and professionalism to my business.
I look forward to helping sellers get their items in front of the right buyers.

“Knowledge of the past and an eye for the future.”

No matter what you are selling, the key is always it get it in front of the right buyer's and as many as possible. I can reach buyer's from around the world, with an average of 10,000+ registered bidders per auction, your guns will be given every possible opportunity to achieve top dollar. We have a professional in-house photo studio where each gun is cleaned and as many high-definition photos of each gun are taken as needed, many times up to 50 photos per gun. I take great pride in my bidding catalogs and each seller can feel confident that each gun will be properly described and dated with a very detailed description. I am 100% confident that no other auction company in the world can give you more professionalism in your selling experience, as well as reach as many buyers, as I can.










"I am beyond impressed. I deal with auctions every week from big ones to small ones and this is the most helpful and honest one I've ever encountered. I'm grateful."

Curtis - Mount Airy, Georgia


"Very pleased with the service and communication of Will Sullivan Auction Co. Would use their service again. A++++ Thank You"

Michael- Lake Mills, Wisconsin 


"Best seller I have dealt with. Everything went smoothly"

Arther- Springfield, Illinois 


"This has been the best auction purchase process I've experienced"

John - Bellevue, Nebraska 





"Got it here quick. In 2 days! Shipping charges were spelled out clearly. We need more of this!"

Jace - Monticello, Indiana 




























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