Will Sullivan Auction
Will Sullivan Auction - DAY - 1 The Cary & Brenda DeVore Collection - Promise City, IA

DAY - 1 The Cary & Brenda DeVore Collection - Promise City, IA

Friday, June 1 at 9:00 am

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110 Main St., Promise City, IA














FOR MORE INFO - Chad Thompson - 309-221-1924


Auctioneers - Will Sullivan & Kyle Kelso


This sale will be loaded top to bottom on both days, as we strongly advise you to attend each day.  This sale will include the better part of the lifetime collection from Cary Devore, with help from his wife Brenda. Over the next few weeks we will be uploading hundreds of photos as we are setting this sale up and going through years of his displayed collection as well as his amassed accumilation.   Some of the items that you can expect from this sale will be over 100 advertising signs to include a Mobil pegusus cookie cutter, 1960s Mobil experimental lighted sign (only one of it's size known to exist), Skylark Gasoline porcelain sign, numerous 6ft. pole signs, dealership signs, neon signs and numerous others; over 50 gas pumps to include at least 25 gravity feed pumps such as a Rush Stove Pipe, Rush Mod. K, Fry 73, Fry 83, Butlers, Bennetts, Hayes, Americans, RARE 5 gal. Tokheim and numerous early 1900s pumps; electric pumps to include a Wayne 60, Tokheim 850 clockface, RARE National A-38 w/ stationlighter, matching 6ft bowsers and numerous others; 100s of pump parts as well as nearly complete pumps for restoration or parts; over 50 coin operated soda machines and coolers from Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola (RARE 1941 Baby Mills), Nesbitt, Double Cola that will include original paint machines and 2 owner machines that have been indoors thier entire lives; 100s of advertising smalls, signs, cans and misc.; over 125 bicycles from the early 1900s to Muscle Bikes of the 1970s, bikes to inlcude seberal Stingrays, numerous early Schwinns, Sears & Roebuck, B.F. Goodrich, Shelby and various early manufacturers; 5 HEMI MOTORS for rebuild; several folk art items, numerous "one of a kind items," antiques and farm primitives; various coin-op machines, car parts, lubsters and various early oil pumps; cast iron poles for signs and lights; early wooden boat; soda fountain items, soda bottles, syrup dispensers, gas station items and various other items too numerous to mention at this time.


As we mentioned this listing is very abbreviated. Previously we thought that there would be between 75 and 100 bicycles. . .we were wrong.  There WILL BE OVER 125 vintage bicycles in various stages from parts bikes to complete rolling units.  There will be at least two more racks of automobilia and primitives than we previously anticipated as well.  More pictures will be uploaded to our FACEBOOK page and WEBSITE in the next few days as we are still finding items that we didn't know where there. 


JUST ADDED - 4 cast aluminium horse swing set rides; several more soda coolers that were previously not on this sale;  MORE car parts and related items; there WILL BE OVER 150 advertising cans and tins; advertising garage cabinets-AC DELCO; motorcycle horns, hood ornaments, and 100s of smalls to numerous to mention.  As we stated, we will get pictures up of these items as we come to them, with the majority of them being on DAY 2.