Will Sullivan Auction Co.

Specializing Exclusively In Firearms & Military Assets


Saturday, September 21 at 10:00 am

If You Would Like To Consign

Please Email Us To Reserve Spots -






We Only Sell Firearms & Military Related Items

We Do Not Sell Ammunition Or Sporting Goods




The process for consigning firearms to one of our auctions is very simple:



1- Firearms must be delivered or shipped to our main office: 69 S. Madison St., Carthage, IL 62321

Office Hours - By Appointment Only - auction@willsullivanauction.com



2- Once we have the firearm(s) in our possession they will be logged in to our ATF books - Make, Model, Serial Number, Type & Caliber. We will then give you a receipt with a list of your guns stating that "We Assume All Responsibility Until The New Buyer(s) Take Possession".




3- The firearms will then be cleaned, researched/ cataloged and photographed. At this point, they will be uploaded to a bidding catalog where bidding will be open.




We exclusively sell firearms & military assets (no other items) and we only conduct four large auctions per year. All of our auctions will have a minimum of 10,000 registered bidders (per auction) and all auctions are advertised worldwide.




We take pride in our catalogs, the proper research will be done on each item. We also utilize a professional in-house photo studio where many high-quality photos will be taken.


Our Commission Is Based On The "Sold" Price Of Each Item -

There Are No Other Fees For Consignors


Commission Rates – Per Item

Up To $2,000 - 18%      

$2,001-$4,000 – 15%   

 $4,001-$10,000 – 12%     

$10,001-$20,000 – 10%     

$20,001 & Up – 7%




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